October 28, 2016

Black Sheep - Nude self-portraits

Another tumblr discovery without any info about the man who conducts this project of nude self-portraits. It's a welcome change since usually females are more inclined to produce such a self-nude iconography than males, this for historical and cultural reasons of course. And when males do it, it often lacks this introspective quality than one can find in women's approach. I'm not sure this so-called Black Sheep succeeds to reach a high level of introspective quality but visually it's not uninteresting. Moreover, here and there his sex is erected and it's not so common to be noted. It adds a lot to the pictures and I think male iconography is not rich enough of rigid penises. One nice contribution then. Note that his blog (here) is rather recent and may provide in a near future some surprises. 

October 22, 2016

Kohana Neptune - Various


Don't ask me who is Kohana Neptune. It seems she's from Moldavia and that she takes some self portraits (at least they are signed Neptune) whereas others are from photographers with various names such as Tiglush. It alsom seems she's a model for a long time now since some pictures shows her "at the end of the last century" (sic) and she seemed very young. Anyway, in her tumblr blog (here), there are several very nice pictures I found to fit perfectly in this blog. Hope you'll agree. Don't really know why. Something rough in these images that fascinates me. A strong influence of Helmut Newton and no surprise she posts several pictures from him on her blog.

October 15, 2016

Peter Franck - Hotel Rooms

Second post (first one here) from this German photographer, but looking at his site, I'm not sure he still does such pictures, and he seems more interested by places and installations. Sad cos', as you know, the body is my favorite subject and I can't find anything more interesting, moving and stimulating for the eyes, the brain (and sometimes more but it's not mandatory). His work is (or was) so singular and original, he could have digged it. Here some images to complete the previous post and maybe inspire some visitors who come here to glean some ideas. His site here (but don't expect to see anything that is similar to the ones above). I called this series Hotel Rooms cos' it is apparently issued from the same series than the previous post. I think I took the title somewhere but maybe I invented it. It doesn't matter anyway. 

October 12, 2016

Chad Michael Ward - Various

This Amercian photographer's work lays somewhere between erotism, gothic, fantastic and ultraviolence (fake). If most of his work is beyond the scope of this blog and of my personal interest (both being tightly associated), here I selected images I liked among his vast collection, and that, I think, deserved to feature on a post. Not surprinsingly, he also does video clips for various bands and singers. He could do his own movie one day, some of the above images raising potential scenarios of rather thrilling horror films. His site here.  

October 7, 2016

Manu Madelaine - A Paradoxical Existence

No idea who is this photographer. Seems to be French but I'm even not sure. If he reads this post, he can leave a comment to provide more info, but he may not want that we know more about him (is he even a man?). Actually, his work becomes very interesting in the last months and although the effects are a bit predictable, he succeeds in giving a weird feeling of bodies dissolving in walls. And above all, I love the first model with her ablated breast. You can see more from him on his blog here